Chiara 30yrs Italy (Nanny) 


I am so happy to have had Tamara as my therapist. Her ability to make me feel safe, gave me the courage to face my deepest fear, her empathy, and unconditional support never made me feel judged, and thanks to her kind approach I undertook a journey that changed my life. She was exactly what I was hoping to find in a therapist, someone who would listen to me, and I could be vulnerable with, and at the right time, she would challenge me, so that I could grow.




Simone 29yrs  New Zealand (Flight attendant)


Tamara has helped install confidence in myself and provide clarity and reassurance to my situation. I feel Tamara has given me the necessary tools to navigate my problems in a healthy way and she has made me realise an inner strength I didn’t know was there.

I found having Tamara as my therapist to be a very warm and nurturing experience. I felt that she listened to me completely and talked to me like an equal. My overall experience with Tamara was incredibly positive.




Sarah 46yrs Balham (PR Creative director)


Tamara has helped me so much. With her, there is absolutely no judgement, just solid support and deep understanding. She has helped me to develop new behaviours and supported me into a new life phase. I didn't realise how impactful therapy could be until I teamed up with Tamara! 



Daisy 26 Streatham (Artist)


Having worked with another therapist before I was nervous about starting therapy with someone else, as I am aware a good connection is needed. However, this has been the most valuable counselling I have had to date; Tamara is kind but firm and became a voice I could trust in my pursuit of reworking my unhealthy thought processes. I'm forever grateful to her for this help.  



Mia 29 Wimbledon (Marketing)


'My experience of working with Tamara was a very pleasant one, she made me feel very comfortable from the start and really understood the key areas that I needed to work on and encouraged me to speak about them at a pace I was comfortable with. I feel that I was able to achieve a lot in just a few sessions with Tamara and I would definitely reach out to her again if I ever felt I could benefit from a few more sessions.'




Josh 34 Brixton (Human Resources Director) 


Tamara was a compassionate and patient therapist, she helped me understand myself and several relationships that I'd struggled with for years. Would highly recommend both face-to-face and online.